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per user / month

All basic functions
  • Unlimited invoices

  • Unlimited offers

  • Unlimited order confirmations

  • Own document layout (including logo)

  • Statistics for open items, sales and items

  • Reminders

  • Document entry

  • Orders from suppliers

  • over 100 additional functions

  • Email & telephone support

  • Unbegrenzte Rechnungen

  • Unbegrenzte Angebote

  • Unbegrenzte Auftragsbestätigungen

  • Eigenes Dokumentlayout (inkl. Logo)

  • Statistik für offene Posten, Umsätze und Artikel

  • Mahnungen

  • Belegerfassung

  • Bestellungen beim Lieferanten

  • über 100 weitere Funktionen

  • Email- & Telefonsupport



per user / month*

Mobile app


per user / month

Zugang zu
  • Personalakte

  • Dokumenten & Anhängen

  • Urlaubstagen

Im Modul Zeiterfassung:

  • Arbeitszeiten

  • Überstunden

Im Modul Warenwirtschaft:

  • Erwartete Einlieferungen

  • Geplante Auslieferungen

Alles aus Business, plus
  • Kostenlose Datenübernahme aus bisheriger Software

  • Kostenlose Schulung aller Benutzer

  • Erfolgsgarantie (Geldrückerstattung, wenn nach 3 Monate nicht zufrieden)

  • Priorisierte Weiterentwicklung

  • Kundenspezifische Entwicklung (für z.B. Schnittstellen, etc.)

Premium Support
  • Persönlicher Ansprechpartner

  • 12-Stunden Rückrufgarantie

  • Regelmäßig Update-Meetings 

*Minimum 5 users

up to 20% discount

Expand as desired with our modules

over 10 free modules

Merchandise management

  • Create warehouses including storage locations

  • Track inventory and inventory changes, as well as incoming and reserved quantities

  • Manage minimum stocks and automatic purchasing suggestions

Time tracking

  • Record working times and reference times (e.g. for tasks or orders).

  • On any device (including mobile via our app or via “chip”)

  • View target times and overtime

  • Evaluate and check billable times


  • Create and move leads (drag & drop)

  • Define your own phases

  • Maintain contact persons

  • Marketing exports


  • Manage projects, project managers and project owners

  • Store budgets, tasks and protocols

  • Record and bill project-related times (module: time recording required)


  • Store parts lists for articles (import from CAD also possible)

  • Also manage sub-piece lists or shipping assemblies

  • Plan and coordinate production orders

  • Produce the right quantities with production suggestions

The price per module corresponds to €9 per user with a Business / Premium license

Our interfaces



Connect myCorazon to your bank/credit card/Paypal, etc.

Automate the transfer of payments and set invoices directly to paid


/ Month


Online shop

Connect myCorazon with a web shop (e.g. Shopify, etc.)

Automatically transfer customer, item and order data


/ Month


frequently asked Questions

  • Can I test myCorazon
    Absolutely, contact us for your personal demo of myCorazon (including the interesting modules and functions)!
  • Is it possible to switch from my current ERP provider?
    Moving the ERP software is nothing new for us, but is part of the process in most cases. To make the change as easy as possible, the myCorazon team will support you throughout the entire process, from data transfer to the technical requirements and training.
  • How long does it take to introduce myCorazon?
    Depending on your requirements, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. This depends on factors such as the transfer of inventory data and the training of employees. As a rule, 1-2 weeks can be assumed.
  • Is there help with the introduction?
    Of course! Our experience shows that the introduction essentially determines how successfully the company can subsequently work with the software. That's why we always accompany our customers until "go-live". ​ This is also one of the reasons why our projects have an extremely high success rate, which we at myCorazon are very proud of!
  • Is there also a purchase version?
    Yes, but myCorazon is only available as a cloud version! For further information please contact
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