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myCorazon & E2N

Connect employees to E2N

1. Create employees in E2N


In order to connect an employee to E2N for time recording, the employee must first be created.

You can find out how to create employees in E2N here.

Important: As soon as all employees have been created in E2N, you absolutely need the personnel number and the security token.


The personnel number is in "Settings / Billing":

Security Token.PNG

The security token in "Personnel file / General":

Personnel number.PNG

Alternatively, there is also an overview of all employees under “Settings / Security Tokens”.

Both information about all employees is stored there.

Overview of all employees E2N.png
2. Create and connect employees in myCorazon


In myCorazon, new employees can be created in the user management. 

A new user is created there using the “+ Create new” button.

Create user.PNG

In the menu displayed, some mandatory fields (name, password, email, etc.) must first be filled out:

Save user.PNG

'Then open the "Time recording" area. There you must enter the personnel number and the security key (= security token) from E2N. The users are now connected.

Connect user to E2N.PNG

This must be repeated for each employee as each has their own personnel number and security key.


If an employee clocks in a working time, it is registered in both systems and processed correctly. All working times are always documented in E2N and all order-related times are documented in myCorazon.


This means that all personnel and wage work can take place in E2N, while, for example, the billing of orders and final costing are carried out in myCorazon.

If you have any questions, you can reach our team at any time at

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