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The basic functions

These functions are always included and provide the most important areas in every company

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From offers and orders to invoices, all functions are already integrated into myCorazon. You can also always see exactly what the current status is via an intelligent status.

"A key advantage is that new employees can basically get started straight away."

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Marc Karsten

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Create inquiries, orders and manage all incoming invoices in one place. In addition, shopping suggestions make everyday life even easier.

“Notifications for minimum stock levels, as well as suggestions as to which items must be purchased by when, are now indispensable.”

Jonas Schütt


base data

Maintain all customer, supplier and item data centrally in myCorazon. In addition, you can upload all documents and images directly using built-in attachments. This means you always have access to all your information.

“Clear and understandable”

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Sabrina Meier

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Evaluate your company data using the statistics. From sales figures to forecasts, working hours or costs, a variety of configurable evaluations are possible.

"An incredible amount of information that can be easily evaluated! We're really looking forward to what's to come!

Katrin Hoffmeister


Much more

There is so much more to discover, so don't hesitate to contact our Report to!

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Cancellation invoices & Credits

In addition to invoices, cancellation invoices and credit notes can of course be created and sent directly to the customer.


Reminders can be created (and sent) manually or automatically using the integrated dunning system. In addition, reminder fees and reminder levels can be managed.

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Emails & Shipment

Email templates are created in myCorazon and also sent directly via the software. Thanks to the built-in shipping status, clarity is never lost.

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Finance & Vacant positions

Exchange rates, payment terms and payments are some areas of our integrated financial solution. All unpaid invoices can also be checked using the open items.

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Users & roll

Through an extensive role and rights system, employees or teams can be assigned exactly the areas to which they should have access. A distinction is made between viewing, editing and deleting.


The system languages for the user are German and English. However, any other languages can be created for the documents (but the translations then have to be entered yourself). 


By releasing offers or incoming invoices, for example, myCorazon helps ensure a comprehensible and error-free process in the company. 

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Cost centers

With the cost centers and budget planning, abnormalities can be identified and corrected at an early stage before major deviations can occur.

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Collective invoices

Write a collective invoice for several orders at the same time or bill a complete statement monthly


Integrated task management with your own board in “drag & drop” style and manage Maintain assignment to e.g. orders, projects, etc. directly 


Create commission rules and assign them to your employees so that they share in the profits.

With our commission statistics you always have an overview of your commission payments per employee per month.

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Use the logs to create visits, phone calls, emails or other notes about your customers, suppliers or processes. When a new process is created, for example, an automatic log entry is created for the customer.

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