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DATEV company online

Transfer receipts directly to DATEV Unternehmens Online via our interface

In order to exchange receipts directly between myCorazon and DATEV Unternehmens Online, you must do so in both

A few settings need to be made in the system.

Both incoming and outgoing receipts can then be viewed via myCorazon for any time interval

(e.g. per month) can be transferred to DATEV. These will then be read in automatically,

so that all accounting documents are directly available.

Attention: Only PDF and TIF files can be transferred, images such as PNGs and JPGs

currently not supported by DATEV.

Settings in DATEV Unternehmens Online

First, as shown in the following video, the email settings must be set in DATEV.

Important information for the next step:

  • Sender email address

  • Email for receipt of invoice

  • Email for outgoing invoices

Settings in myCorazon

First navigate to the “Administration” area under the “Interfaces” menu item.


Activate the “DATEV company online” interface there

Then enter the information from DATEV Unternehmens Online:

  • Return address

  • Password (for the email so that the software can send in this name)

  • Destination address for email for receipt of invoices

  • Target email address for outgoing invoices

The configuration for the interface to DATEV Unternehmens Online has now been completed.

Don't forget to save now!

Send receipts to Datev!

In order to transfer receipts to DATEV Unternehmens Online, go to the “Exports” area under the Datev export menu item under the e-mail export.


By default, all documents that have not yet been transferred (invoices, incoming invoices and cancellation invoices) for the current month are displayed there. Using the filter search, other months can be viewed or certain documents can be filtered out.

By selecting the respective documents (on the left in the “checkbox”) you can decide which documents should be transferred to DATEV.

By clicking on “Execute” and then “Transfer to DATEV”, all documents will be sent directly. 

The options “mark as transferred” or “mark as not transferred” can be used for documents that have already been transferred, for example, as they only change the status and do not result in documents being sent!

If you have any questions, you can reach our team at any time at

Thank you!

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