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In this video we show you how you can create a delivery in myCorazon.

How can I create a delivery?

You can create a new order for your customer in the Sales area. 

Under the Items tab, you add all the items that your customer has ordered. To create an outbound delivery, you need warehouse items (with inventory management) and/or warehouse items (without inventory management) in your positions. Items not in stock are not part of your deliveries.

In the "Delivery" sub-item in the detail tab you have the option to select your delivery conditions, your warehouse and the planned shipping date, as well as the delivery type (complete or partial delivery).

Complete delivery


If you choose the “full delivery” delivery type, you then have to select a planned shipping date. In order to plan a delivery, it is necessary to set a shipping date on the order. You can find the planned shipping date in the “Delivery” tab in the overview of your items to be delivered. For items with inventory management, you can see the available quantities under the tab and how many have already been delivered for the order. The warehouse items without inventory management are also part of the items to be delivered and are displayed without an available quantity, as there is no inventory management for this.


If you want to keep an item out of your delivery process, you can decide whether it should be excluded from delivery by clicking on the position in the "Delivery" tab.


Partial delivery


With the "Partial delivery" delivery type, different items can be delivered on different days. Your different delivery dates can be entered directly via the “Delivery” tab at your positions. 


You now have two options for creating your deliveries. The first option is from the order, using the "Action" button - create delivery. You can find the second option under the menu item “Warehouse” - Deliveries. The deliveries are divided into the “Planned” and “Created” tabs. In the planned deliveries you can see all the orders that you have scheduled for shipping. If some of the quantities are missing, you cannot create the delivery. In this case, the planned order has the status "Waiting for item".  If all items in an order are ready for delivery, the status in the planned delivery is "Ready". By clicking on the green plus sign you can view and then create all items for this delivery. After “creating” the delivery opens and processing can be started. In the "Details" tab you have the option to enter a tracking number or reference. Any comments for the warehouse that may have been created about the order are also displayed here.

In the "Items" tab you can confirm the scope of delivery of your delivery or exclude partial or entire quantities (for example if an item is defective).

In the "Preview" tab you can view your delivery note document and add and edit texts. You can interrupt your delivery in between by clicking on the “Stop processing” button. When your delivery has finished processing, you can complete it, this process cannot be reversed and the quantities will then be deducted from your inventory. If you notice an error while processing your delivery, you can cancel your delivery at any time.

Once a scheduled delivery has been created, you will find it in the "Created" tab. 

When you have processed and completed all planned deliveries (complete or partial delivery, depending on the delivery type), the status of the order changes to "partially delivered" or "delivered" and you can see in the "Delivery" tab that your items have been successfully delivered.


If you have any questions, our support team is of course available to you!

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