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In this video we introduce you to our free and paid modules and how you can activate them for your instance.

Free modules

Advance payments, down payments and final invoices

Create advance or down payment invoices to bill for services or goods partially or as a lump sum. Create final invoices for your entire service minus the amounts already billed.

Cost centers

Set budgets, assign your incoming invoices or orders to different cost centers. These can then be evaluated.


Use the logs to create visits, phone calls, emails or other notes about your customers, suppliers or processes. When a new process is created, for example, an automatic log entry is created for the customer.


Releases can be used to have offers or incoming invoices released by another person in the company and to document this process.

Item variants

If you offer products in different versions, you have the option of using our item variants to manage options for an item.

Profit margins

Use the profit margin overview to determine the difference between your purchase and sales price in transactions.

Item weight

You have the option to manage net and packaging weights in the item master and in the processes.


Create commission rules and assign them to your employees so that they share in the profits.


Create returns for orders or deliveries to book returned goods back into your warehouse.

Collective invoices

Use collective invoices to bundle multiple orders from a customer. is an alternative payment method. Your link will be displayed on the invoice documents if the payment method “bank transfer” is selected.

Paid modules


Maintain your warehouse in myCorazon and manage your items in your different storage locations. Maintain an overview of your item stocks including incoming and outgoing deliveries as well as reserved quantities). Use our needs analysis to improve procurement in your company.


Sort all related processes, attachments and tasks into your project and get a good overview. In combination with our time management module, you can record project-related working times and evaluate them using a project budget and monitor due dates.


Manage your individual BOMs for production items and plan your production orders through our integrated suggestions.


Manage your lead management with your own lead phases. Your leads can be integrated into your offer and project processes. Use this module as an email, contact and tracking tool.

Time tracking

Record your working times and process-related reference times directly in the software or on the go via our mobile terminal app. Additionally, manage your absences and get a good overview of employees, processes and projects with our statistical evaluations.


Use our integrated measurement and calculation tool to manage your orders. Create advance, down payment and final invoices for your customers and easily import your GAEB files.

Sales channels

Connect myCorazon with your web shop (Shopify, WooCommerce or Orderlion) and automatically transfer your customer, item and order data.


Connect myCorazon to your bank and automatically set bills to “paid” and manage your payments.

If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to help you!

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