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The smart
ERP software

Innovative and modern cloud solution for
trader, producer, service provider & more

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Whoever is satisfied stays!

More than 100 customers are already using myCorazon ERP

Reference customer: Cucos
Reference customer: Ebsecco
Reference customer: Burger King
Reference customer: E2N
Reference customer: Putzkartell
Reference customer: Artfischer

Tired of the endless searching?

We will show you the right package based on your company size.

1-5 employees

5-40 employees

>40 employees

according to your interests..

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Billing & Accounting

CRM & Sales

Time recording & personnel

or according to your industry?

Craft & assembly

Trade & E-Commerce


Projects & IT people

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What's waiting for you

Achieve more with really good software

Modern software
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A solution for more than you expect

With functions for inventory management, production,  time tracking, projects, online shop, CRM, DMS and much more, myCorazon surprises with extensive options.

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Modern ERP software that keeps improving

No longer having to think about the software, but knowing that it simply works, can be accessed from anywhere and is kept up to date. This is what we offer with myCorazon.

Fast and intuitive

Intuitive and simple approach

Clear and tidy views that enable understandable and effective work are an essential part of the development of any new function. 

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